If you suffer from Rosacea or if you have questions about rosacea skin care, please read my story…

Just when I would think I had it under control, the redness came back again — and again. After everything seemed to calm down and my skin finally recovered from a flare-up, I still had that “extra pink” color on my face. I tried to convince myself that it didn’t look so bad… I was fooling myself.

For some, this cycle becomes so frustrating that they “curse the mirror” and pray for some sort of miracle. I’ve tried various treatments over the years to try and control my rosacea. My dermatologist thought I was questioning his credentials when I asked why nothing he offered was working. Finally, I just accepted my condition and did my best not to trigger flare-ups. That’s all I could do.

Finally, after years of just accepting it, I decided to do my own research online. I found eight different rosacea products being sold and several home remedies. After almost a year, I found a treatment that cleared my rosacea completely. Here are three worth mentioning:




This is one of the first skin care products I tried. When I first started, it seemed to sting or tingle. I didn’t like that because it felt like I was going to flare up again. After a week or so I did notice some marked improveement. That made me extremely happy because at that point I knew there was something I could do about my rosacea condition. I kept using it, but it never seemed to clear my face beyond a certain point. B. KAMINS INFO

Rosacea Skin Care #3


This rosacea cream works well, but doesn’t seem to penetrate like I expected. The price was a little steep. The feeling of a relaxed skin was nice, but it never felt like my Rosacea symptoms would completely go away. It always left a sort of oily feeling on my face. It could be different for others, but I put this at #3 (see summary below) because it really was overly priced and compared to ZenMed it didn’t give me that instant relief and clearing of redness. DERMA DOCTOR INFO

Zenmed Rosacea Care



MY RATING: 10/10
This rosacea treatment worked right away to tone my flare ups. By the second day I KNEW it was working. After the first week my face was clear. It was amazing because at that point I realized that I had, over time, come to accept my face to be a certain way. I realized I’d been looking at myself through a “lens” all these years. I’m extremely thankful I found ZenMed. If you’re tired of trying this and that solution for battling low collagen or demodex mites etc., go with ZenMed first. ZENMED INFO SITE


#1 ZENMED – Works well to reduce flareups immediately and promotes deep healing.

#2 B. KAMINS – After a week I saw improvement, but not like ZenMed. Flare-ups returned.

#3 DERMA DOCTOR – Didn’t work, but soothed skin like a good lotion. Face stayed oily.


Other rosacea products I tried (these 3 were just the best) were helpful to a degree (some were completely unhelpful) but the results of ZenMed were unmatched. I haven’t had a flare-up since I started using it over three months ago, so I consider my condition “cured”, but I continue using ZenMed to be sure.

I wish you the best in your struggle and hope you don’t give up seeking a rosacea treatment.

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